Dwarven Cleric


A Stout dwarf of whose chainmail armor bolsters his already large frame. Golden brown hair and a double plaited beard with clasps that signify his loyalty to Moradin and his place as a Cleric of the Forge. In his right hand he carries a Warhammer he has deemed The PeaceBringer, because it usually settles any lasting arguments between him and a non-believer of Moradin.


Torvar is the son of a renowned member of the Galactic Congress, and as such, his father had high hopes of Torvar following his steps and becoming a lawyer with the congress. While he did become a lawyer as his father had hoped, it was Moradin in whom he found solace. During his studies, Torvar became a Cleric of the Forge, paying homage to a profession that his race has excelled in since Moradin forged the first of his kind from metal and precious gems and breathed life into them. During his time with the Church, the Galactic Congress passed a motion to work with a mage by the name of Varium Krex in developing a program of creating a soldier race of Warforged machines to battle the advancing forces of Feshtah the Indomitable. When the Rikzort Peace accord was put into place, Torvar found friendship in a warforged soldier named Wraith who sought refuge from the order of decommission order the congress called for. Torvar arranged for Wraith to take shelter within his Order of the Forge sanctuary, where the clerics continue to study to machine to get a better understanding of it workings. When he is not studying within the church, Torvar spends his time at the shipping yard, providing blessings for the newly built ships and praying to Moradin for their safe passages. While every now and then, he secretly longs to see the adventures the ships are destined for.


Elementum Corlis